Digital Ecosystems
in Action

In the digital age, revolutions transpire in the blink of an eye. The recent past is littered with companies that failed to seize an opportunity. For industrial digital ecosystems, the gate to entry is wide open. Benefits for early adopters within the broader Industry 4.0 trend are substantial.

Three Examples

In education, the Coalition for College has built a network of over 140 colleges and universities committed to making college a reality for all students. Participants include counselors, teachers, parents and community-based organizations. Online applications, collaborative spaces, tutorials and webinars are but a few ways the platform provides value for all participants.

SERMO is the world’s largest social network for physicians. Besides interaction among colleagues, the platform enables clinical knowledge crowdsourcing and allows brands, such as pharmaceuticals, to gain insight into physician opinion and experience. The ecosystem is one of the largest networks of healthcare data in the world with over 700K surveys conducted per year.

In manufacturing, FUSE is the industry’s leading digital ecosystem empowering manufacturers with the technological advantages required to build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with other industry stakeholders. Members gain access to a connected network of industry-related tools, resources, and expertise specifically designed to meet the demands of manufacturing leadership now and into the future.