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Manufacturers are able to leverage the digital ecosystem to coordinate interaction across their entire network of constituents, and the collective performance defines the level of value to the end customer. But the benefits do not stop at the manufacturer level. The industrial digital ecosystem also helps connect suppliers, resellers and distributors, trade schools, trade associations, industry professionals, and customers by engaging in frequent, high quality, cross-channel interaction.

This access to information, insights, and new business opportunities provides industry participants with new ways of offering value to each other and capturing it for themselves. Benefits can be abundant for each industry role.

Some specific examples include:

For Manufacturers

  • Value-driven connections and interactions with customers and key stakeholders

  • A broader audience through offered content and courseware

  • A secure, permission-based platform to promote proprietary content

For Dealers & Distributors

  • Optimized employee performance through learning and training systems

  • Enhanced sales performance through recruiting and onboarding new OEMs

  • Access to a community of well-trained and certified service technicians

For Suppliers

  • Direct access to customers and their product feedback

  • Improvements in overall customer service through seamless interactions with OEMs and their dealers and distributors

  • A single portal to provide OEMs with product materials and training content

For Industry Professionals

  • Exclusive online training, courses and certifications

  • Opportunities to collaborate and connect with manufacturing subject matter experts

  • The ability to maintain a portable, updated, digital resume helping secure new experiences and career growth

The industry digital ecosystem opens new ways to collaborate with industry business partners, end-customers, and enrich the entire digital customer journey. Today, this is not a nice-to-have. A variety of sources confirm that B2B buyers’ easy access to relevant and quality information dramatically alters the buying process.⁴ That, in turn, alters the roles of stakeholders within the ecosystem. As buyers interact more directly with manufacturers during the buying journey, the role of the dealer must evolve to ensure that they meet buyer needs at the time of sale and provide a positive customer experience through post-sale support.

The digital ecosystem opens up new ways to reach constituents and end-customers and to enrich the entire customer digital journey.